We’d like to introduce you to our new polished metal frames which we’ve recently added to our range .So if you want a luxurious metal finish to your framing then we can offer a few options:

System Framing

1.The most basic but effective is called ‘system framing’ where the component parts are fitted together in a pre-ordered size. The corners have to be screwed together giving a slight industrial look and they come in a range of factory finishes.


2.  Then there is the more traditional technique that is gilding which uses layers of real gold expertly laid on a sspecially prepared wooden frame by our very talented in-house gilder. This is a very exact practise which takes years of experience to achieve the level of excellence that is needed.

Metal Frames

3. And now we are able to weld our own metal frames which means they can be truly bespoke to be part of our made to measure service. The aluminium is welded together and then they are hand polished to a beautiful finish to give an enduring shiny and sharp frame for your artwork. A look that works really well with modern and traditional artwork alike.


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