It has been a total pleasure that Cedric has been a client of Pendragon and friend of Keith’s for many years. Visting us in the previous Hackney locations that Pendragon Frames has been based in Laburham Street and Yorkton Street and always entertaining us with his creative process.

His current show, at Rocket Gallery, called ‘Oblivious to your Own Career’ – Survey exhibition of sculpture 95-24 started last week and will be on until the 21st September.

As Cedric was reported as saying to Mass issue 2, 2023,

‘ It is the aesthetic of reduction that I am in love with- the aesthetic, for me, is close to the idea of a sentence. No, I don’t want to have to write a whole book to say something.’

It’s a wonderful show full of so many realised ideas in an immaculate new space for Rocket gallery. Go!!



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