It’s been long haul for absolutely everyone, and still is for many, but whilst we’ve been operating on a skeleton crew through most of lockdown we now are fully operational and open to all clients to make beautiful frames again.
In the depths of lockdown the skeleton crew made constructive changes to the workshop improving the departments with new storage and shelving systems and general tweeking which would not normally be possible in ‘normal’ times. Also safety guidelines have been followed and put in place to make it safe for the crew and customers alike.
Although the empty building had a serenity to it,now most of the crew are able to return, it is far better to hear all the various saws, sanders, music(mainly @bbcradio6) and chat fill the space and bring it back to life.

And, of course, it’s great to enjoy all the artwork to be framed like this amazing photograph by@helmutNewton for artist/client @jonahpontzer and the work of @RichardHamilton which has been unusually face mounted: just two examples in the workshop today. But most importantly it’s great to see you,the client,come through the doors again. Welcome back!

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