‘Smoking Guns’, Lever Gallery thumbnail

‘Smoking Guns’, Lever Gallery

Keeping busy: 50 box frames with a solid white finish for the Lever Gallery’s ... >>

Marcus James, Landscapes thumbnail

Marcus James, Landscapes

Framing for Marcus James’ show at the Lyon and Campbell Gallery, London. A new collection of screenprints inspired by four... >>

Aida Silvestri, ‘Unsterile Clinic’ thumbnail

Aida Silvestri, ‘Unsterile Clinic’

Raising awareness of the widespread practice of FGM. Silvestri’s photographic works were simply framed with a solid black finish... >>

Raphael Albert, ‘Miss Black and Beautiful’ thumbnail

Raphael Albert, ‘Miss Black and Beautiful’

Frames for the late Raphael Albert (cultural prompter, entrepreneur and photographer), the first major solo show of the artist’s... >>

Sigalit Landau, ‘Salt Bride’ thumbnail

Sigalit Landau, ‘Salt Bride’

Framing of eight colour prints, documenting the transformation of a dress submerged in the salt-rich waters of the Dead Sea. The large, stunning... >>

Tessa Shaw, new work thumbnail

Tessa Shaw, new work

Earth, rain, sunshine, leaves, grasses, petals, flowers, seeds, hair, bodies... >>

Boyd & Evans, ‘Overland’ thumbnail

Boyd & Evans, ‘Overland’

Immerse yourself in the wilderness landscapes of the American South-West.... >>

Mario Cravo Neto, ‘A Serene Expectation of Light’ thumbnail

Mario Cravo Neto, ‘A Serene Expectation of Light’

A first solo exhibition in the UK by the late Mario Cravo Neto: ‘one of the most important and influential contemporary Brazilian photographers’. The... >>

Pamela Golden, new work thumbnail

Pamela Golden, new work

Displaying the latest work by American-born artist, Pamela Golden, in a clean, clear way. Pendragon made the frames for eight of the artist’s... >>